Dry Shampoo and Hair Loss: What You Must Know

We love dry shampoo! But using dry shampoo too much can actually cause hair thinning or hair loss. This article discusses Dry Shampoo and Hair Loss: What You Must Know

About Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is great when you are sick, sleep late, if your hair just needs some extra volume, to remove smokey smells from the hair, or to extend a blowout. Dry shampoo come in sprays and powders for a quick way to absorb oil and refresh the hair.

But too much dry shampoo used for days in a row is actually a problem because while the hair is not greasy, the scalp is not clean. And when a scalp is not cleaned, DHT can accumulate. DHT can cause hair loss.

What is DHT?

DHT is a natural hormone found in men and women. It can accumulate at the follicle of the hair shaft.

Regular shampooing can remove most of the DHT. But if DHT is not rinsed away, or it is trapped under the powdery debris of dry shampoo, the DHT grows and can choke out the follicle, reducing hair growth until the hair shrinks and dies.

Dry Shampoo Verses Wet Shampoo

Ideally, DHT should be washed away with water daily or every other day. While we can skip a wet wash day here and there, extendedly using dry shampoo for a week or more can cause scalp problems and potential hair loss.

Dry shampoo also leaves a residue on the hair which can build up on the scalp. This can irritate the skin, cause rashes, and smother the scalp so it cannot breathe. This can also impair hair growth.  Chemicals such as aerosols in dry shampoos can cause rashes and scalp irritation resulting in swelling.  Even natural dry shampoos that do not use chemicals can build up too much debris on the scalp.

Dry Shampoo also does not remove bacteria or potential fungal infections that can cause itching and potential hair loss.

Summary of Dry Shampoo and Hair Loss: What You Must Know

Dry shampoo is a staple in hair care and is an excellent way to extend a blowout. But dry shampoo can also cause hair loss when used for too many days in a row because it traps DHT on the scalp.  Whenever possible, massage and rinse the scalp to remove DHT and debris that may inhibit hair growth.

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