What is Beauty?

What is beauty? The answer depends on whom you ask. But for many of us, beauty is more than an Instagram ideal or coiffed aesthetic. Beauty implies wellness: healthy skin, healthy hair, and a healthy body. These all require attention to self-care techniques. Some of these techniques are very simple, others require a daily commitment to improving.

Beauty Wellness Fusion covers topics related to health, wellness, and beauty. We analyze the best ingredients for effective skin and hair care. We ask industry experts, investigate the latest research findings, and scour print magazines and the internet for tips, tricks and hacks to make life better and well, more beautiful.

Some Beauty Topics Include:

  • How to get Better Beauty Sleep
  • Understanding which Vitamins & Minerals Support Skin and Hair
  • What spa treatments are worth the time and money?
  • Medical Research answers: What can Tumeric Do for You?
  • The Most Effective Moisturizers for Your Money
  • Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk
  • Can Essential Oils Actually Benefit me?
  • What can a Vitamin C serum do for skin?
  • How to know if a skincare ingredient is effective or just hype?
  • DIY beauty recipes for hair and skin
  • Recipes to improve skin from the inside out
  • Best Practices: How to use Retinol on highly sensitive skin
  • Pilates, Yoga and Gentle Stretching
  • Hair care using natural and effective treatments
  • Expert recommended anti-aging treatments
  • Hair Conditioning for Busy People
  • Medical Research answers: Does Acupressure really work?
  • How to treat Keratosis Pilaris?