Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used to promote wellness, relaxation, naturally cleanse away germs, mold, and bacteria, and of course for beauty. Essential Oils can be diffused into the air or diluted with a carrier oil. Just a few drops go a long way.

Read our ongoing series of articles discussing the benefits of each individual essential oil. Learn how to use essential oils and what each oil can do for your beauty and wellness concerns.

Some essential oils we cover include:

How to Use Essential Oils

Some uses for essential oils include:

Carrier Oils

When oils are applied directly to the body instead of use via a diffuser, they should be diluted. Essential Oils are powerful and should be a ratio of a specified number of drops into a base oil. These base oils are called carrier oils. Carrier oils are a beneficial neutral oil that mixes well with other oils and additives. Some have little to no scent and others have a natural scent. Each oil has its’ own beneficial properties that can enhance the essential oils.

Carrier Oils include: