Essential Oils: What Essential Oils to use for Illness?

What Essential Oils ease the flu, colds or headache?

Has someone been sick in your house? Essential Oils can ease some respiratory discomfort and promote better sleep. Essential Oils even can help cleanse the air of germs.

The extra moisture in the air from a diffuser often makes it easier to breathe and rest. Wondering what essential oils to add for extra benefit?
As part of our ongoing series on the benefits of Essential Oil , here are a few of our favorites.

What Oils to Diffuse?

Essential oils can cleanse the air, open air passages, provide restful sleep and naturally eliminate germs and bacteria

For a better night’s rest when congested due to allergies or illness, diffusing Eucalyptus Oil can work wonders.

Lavender Essential Oil can improve relaxation and sleep. Some find Lavender helpful for easing a headache, others find it to be a headache trigger.

Tea Tree Oil helps naturally cleanse the air and nearby surfaces of remaining germs and bacteria.

Lemon Essential Oil is a mood enhancer.

Those are some of our favorite Essential Oils to use during sickness. Do you have any favorites? Tell us in the comments below

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