What Essential Oils to Diffuse for Illness?

Has someone been sick in your house? Essential Oils can ease some respiratory discomfort and promote better sleep. Essential Oils even can help cleanse the air of germs.

Diffusing Humidifiers With Essential Oils

A cold-air diffuser disperses a microfine mist of essential oils into the air, scenting the air for up to several hours.

Diffusers are also used in medical settings: frequently in Europe and the UK, diffusers are used by hospitals to cleanse the air in a room. Diffusing capability can be a function of a humidifier device, which can be used with or without essential oils to add needed moisture to the air.

Dry air can rob the skin and hair of needed moisture, especially while sleeping overnight in a room with forced air/heat.

Essential Oil Use Tips

  1. To diffuse an essential oil, add 2-3 drops per 100ml of water.
  2. Essential Oils should never be applied directly to the skin as they are too strong.

What Essential Oils ease the flu, colds or headache?

The extra moisture in the air from a diffuser often makes it easier to breathe and rest. Wondering what essential oils to add for extra benefit?

Does Diffusing Essential Oils Cause Headaches?

Diffusing essential oils can cause a headache if it is done incorrectly or left on for too long a period for the space diffused.

If you have not used a diffuser with essential oil before, start off slowly, it only takes a few minutes to infuse a standard-sized room with a scent or to eliminate a sour or stale smell. Leaving a diffuser running for several hours with essential oils in the water will overpower the room if too much oil is used. I found it useful when first using essential oil in a diffuser, to only use a few drops (2-4) in the water, and only run the diffuser for under five minutes. If this is too much for you, use only one or two drops of oil. Your tolerance will increase over time.

Those with sensitivities can be triggered by various scents.

What Oils to Diffuse?

Essential oils can cleanse the air, open air passages, provide restful sleep and naturally eliminate germs and bacteria

  • For a better night’s rest when congested due to allergies or illness, diffusing Eucalyptus Oil can work wonders. Eucalyptus in a steamy shower also helps for better breathing.
  • Lavender Essential Oil can improve relaxation and sleep. Some find Lavender helpful for easing a headache, others find it to be a headache trigger.
  • Tea Tree Oil helps naturally cleanse the air and nearby surfaces of remaining germs and bacteria.
  • Lemon Essential Oil is a mood enhancer.
  • Melissa officinalis (Mellisa) oil is lemon balm oil. It calms tension and nerves and is particularly uplifting to the mood and is considered helpful for bouts of depression. A “happy” scent

Those are some of our favorite Essential Oils to use during sickness. Do you have any favorites? Tell us in the comments below


Essential Oils can be beneficial during illness to ease congestion. Eucalyptus opens pores and clogged sinuses, often used while “taking a steam” in a hot shower or bath. An invigorating scent to the senses that can help one relax and can soothe congestion and coughing when someone is sick. A diffuser or humidifier can be used with essential oils to add moisture to the air. Do not overdo the amount of essential oil.

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