Castor Oil As Carrier Oil: Everything You Must Know |2022|

Castor oil is a well-known oil found in the market. You may have seen your grandparents or parents use it as a therapeutic oil for many illnesses. In several ways, they were right, as castor oil is a highly beneficial and effective treatment for several health concerns. 

Furthermore, if you’re wondering, “is castor oil a good carrier oil,” you’re right. It can be used to dilute equally compelling essential oils. Today, this article will explain how castor oil can be used as a carrier oil, which essential oils go well with it, and how it can help with your hair care. 

Castor Oil As Carrier Oil: How To Use It

A few popular essential oils like peppermint and tea tree can be applied to your skin directly, but most essential oils need to be diluted. You may find the recommended dilutions listed on the bottle’s side. 

For instance, if the bottle mentions “dilute before use,” you must be careful to check the recommended dilutions before you use the castor oil. If you feel confused, begin with the weakest suggested dilution to stay safe. 

You must dilute essential oils like clove oil to no more than 0.5%, whereas you can use other essential oils at stronger dilutions. Grapefruit oil and lemon oil should not be used for more than 4% and 2%, respectively. They need to be diluted as they result in phototoxicity when used alone. 

As per the general rule of thumb, if you use 1oz of castor oil to make a blend, then 1% dilution will be equivalent to six drops of essential oils, meaning that 2% dilution would be 12 drops. These one and two-percent diluted solutions are highly effective for treatments in adults. 

Some essential oils can be used on young children, but you must consider only a 0.25% dilution for them. If you plan to use essential oils blended with a castor carrier oil for children (below age 2) or very ill or immune-compromised adults, it’s best to seek advice from your doctor. 


So, these statements and facts must’ve given you a clear answer to “can castor oil be used as a carrier oil?” Castor oil can be a great carrier oil, provided it’s stored properly and carefully. If not, it will go rancid like other vegetable oils. 

Essential Oils That Goes Perfectly With Castor Oil

It’s obvious that castor oils ensure many benefits, but you can always elevate those benefits with the help of essential oils. You get plenty of options when it comes to essential oils that go perfectly with a castor carrier oil. The essential oils that you choose will depend on your preference for scents and the oils that are ideal for treating your underlying condition. 

If you’re a woman who needs to get rid of hormonal imbalance and utilize the power of essential oils to enhance fertility or manage menstrual symptoms, consider these options: 

  • Geranium
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Lavender 
  • Patchouli

It’s safe to say that Ylang-ylang is a soothing oil that alleviates depression and regulates mood. Moreover, you balance your mood with lavender essential oil. The estrogenic properties found in Geranium make it specifically beneficial for women who need to manage PMS symptoms or cope with menopause. 

Castor Oil For Hair Care 

If you want thick and strong hair, you must try to make the following hair rinse or leave-in conditioner:

  • One tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Three tablespoon castor oil
  • Three drops of your preferred scent
  • Three drops of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil consists of antimicrobial properties, which will kill bacteria and retain the health and glow of your hair. The castor oil will help you moisturize your scalp and nourish the hair, enabling you to alleviate dandruff and other potential hair concerns.

Simply blend every ingredient and then use the mixture to coat your hair and scalp. Leave this mixture on your hair for the next 30 minutes, then use a mild shampoo to shampoo the hair to eliminate the oil residue thoroughly. 

You must use a very mild or gentle shampoo for this purpose. It will be unwise to give so much effort into treating your hair only to uncover the beneficial oils by using a harsh shampoo. This is an effective treatment for hairs that have been damaged with dyes, tongs, or straighteners. 

Final Verdict

Castor oil may be considered an old traditional oil, but it’s actually incredibly versatile and beneficial. If you remember its taste when it was force-fed to you as a child while having an upset stomach, then forget about it and give it another go. This is a crucial part of any essential blend, making it an ideal carrier oil. 

Castor oil can even be used for oral treatments. Plus, if you add ginger and honey or cinnamon, it will taste even better. If you need something that acts as a protective salve and moisturizer, you can go for the topical application of the mixture of castor oil and coconut oil.

Castor oil has more potential than you could ever imagine. This is a great carrier oil that will make your life better and easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions –

Should I consider castor oil to be an effective carrier oil?

Yes, castor oil is a good carrier oil when it comes from the best reputed and trusted brands. 

Is black castor oil a type of carrier oil?

Yes, black castor oil is a type of carrier oil too. The difference between black castor oil and a “regular” castor oil is its pH. The black castor oil comes with higher pH than the other products.  

Is castor oil a carrier or essential oil?

Castor oil is one of the best carrier oils for therapeutic use. It’s the base oil that can be used to dilute essential oils. 

What is the shelf-life of castor oil?

Typically, castor oil comes with a shelf-life of at least one year. You can use the cold-pressed castor oil for more than five years. If sealed and packaged correctly, castor oil can ensure great benefits. 

What benefits does castor oil have?

Castor oil helps soothe skin inflammation, relieve dryness, and promote skin health while accelerating wound healing. 



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