About Argireline: AKA Botox in a Jar

What Does The Ingredient Argireline Do?

ARGIRELINE is sometimes called Botox in a Jar because it inhibits muscles that cause expression lines such as squinting, furrowing and frowning. Afraid you will look like an expressionless, vacant-eyed Stepford Wife with a face full of Botox? Don’t be, because there is no impairment of your actual facial expressions.

Research indicates that expression lines are due to muscle contraction, not the movement itself. Argireline mimics the protein that is involved in these involuntary contractions and can stop the muscle contraction when moving facial muscles.

But Argireline does not repair skin or boost collagen; it strictly limits future damage caused by wrinkle-causing contraction movements. Any product with Argireline alone won’t address aging, but it will give your face a temporarily smoother look by slowing down the process of forming new and deeper lines.

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  1. Annalise says:

    I like the idea of a natural botox

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