Why You Need This Undereye Skincare Ingredient

Not sure what kind of ingredients to look for in a nighttime eye area treatment? An eye cream must be effective but gentle, nourishing but not so heavy it makes eyes puffy. Consider Sea Buckthorn Oil. Read on to know Why You Need This Undereye Skincare Ingredient

What’s Missing from Your Nighttime Eye Cream is Sea Buckthorn

Why You Need Sea Buckthorn Oil as an undereye skincare ingredient:  An eye cream must be effective but gentle, nourishing but not so heavy it makes eyes puffy. Sea Buckthorn Oil is like a who’s who of nutrients including vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K, and P; carotenoids; flavonoids; amino acids; phenols; folic acid; organic acids; 20 mineral elements, and essential fatty acids. It uniquely contains all four omegas: omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, and omega-9.

This cocktail of repairing nutrients is what makes Sea Buckthorn Oil so useful for general skincare and aging skin concerns including wrinkles and fine lines. It works wonders on the undereye area.

Sea Buckthorn is Cost-Effective Beauty

Skincare products containing Sea Buckthorn Oil can be costly. But you can mix your own eye creams with a basic cream or lotion with a few drops of Sea Buckthorn Oil.

I use a few pumps of a basic Cerave lotion or Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion and add just 1-2 drops of Sea Buckthorn Oil and mix well before applying.

The Ordinary offers a Sea Buckthorn Oil that mixes with any moisturizer or nighttime cream. Just a drop in your moisturizer is enough for your entire under-eye area and face!

How to Use Sea Buckthorn & Lotion Combos

Sea Buckthorn Oil is a vibrant orange opaque color. Like Oompa Loompa Orange.

Massage the cream & Sea Buckthorn mix into your face and undereye area until the color becomes somewhat sheer. The deeply pigmented color of Sea Buckthorn Oil makes it less suitable for daytime use. Allow it to dry down before bed. Even if you use it for just a few hours, you will be so impressed by Sea Buckthorn!


Sea Buckthorn is packed with skin-friendly ingredients that your eye area skin desperately needs.  It is so concentrated that a bottle of Sea Buckthorn Oil will last a very long time. One drop treats the skin around both eyes.

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    Ugh I need something for my undereyes with my allergies.

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