How to Use Sea Buckthorn to Promote Collagen

Sea Buckthorn is an excellent skincare ingredient to boost collagen production.  It contains abundant nutrients for skin and is healing. How do you use Sea Buckthorn? Read about How to Use Sea Buckthorn for Collagen Production.



You may have seen Sea Buckthorn Oil in some skincare products. It is an ingredient worthy of your skincare routine. With over 200 nutrients to nourish the skin, it heals skin damage including scars, burns, and abrasions. It soothes eczema and treats acne.

Sea Buckthorn For Aging Skin

But my favorite thing about Sea Buckthorn Oil is it treats aging skin and sun-damaged skin as if it is an injury or wound that must be treated immediately. So it “calls the troops” together, making repairing cells “rescue” the aging skin by working overtime building as much collagen as possible.

That makes Sea Buckthorn a great ingredient to pair with a Vitamin C serum, as C provides the building blocks for collagen while Sea Buckthorn tells the skin to make collagen.

Sea Buckthorn is found in some pricey skincare products, but also some more moderately priced ones. It is gentle to the skin and gives a boost to any Vitamin C topical it is paired with.

How to Get the Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil on a Budget

A cost-effective way to get the benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil is to buy a pure Sea Buckthorn Oil and add just a few drops of it to basic regular eye and face creams or serums. Make sure to massage the cream in well for proper absorption. I have had success with just Sea Buckthorn Oil mixed into a Cerave face lotion. Then once that dries, apply Vitamin C serum on top of that mixture.


Sea Buckthorn is a deep orange hue, it is gentle to the skin and works very well mixed into other oils or within a basic moisturizer. It is an excellent undereye treatment. Sea Buckthorn builds collagen and works very well with Vitamin C. If you are unable to tolerate Vitamin C serums, consider Sea Buckthorn as a gentle alternative.

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