Why Use a Silk Pillowcase

Grandmas kept their salon-styled hair neat by sleeping in hair bonnets. Grandma was on to something. Sleeping on Silk keeps hair hydrated. This article explains why it is important to use a silk pillowcase for healthy hair.

How Silk pillowcases Keep Hair Healthy

The secret of why silk or satin bonnets or pillowcases protect hair is certain fabrics draw moisture OUT of the hair overnight. The result? You can go to bed with soft, smooth, hydrated hair and wake up with rougher, drier hair with crispy ends. This is thanks to cotton pillowcases wicking the moisture out of your hair all night. If you have ever deep conditioned or styled your hair to perfection at night and woke up with lackluster, less shiny hair, your pillowcase could be part of the reason why your hair gets dry overnight.

A silk pillowcase also reduces hair breakage. Your head is heavy on your hair, hours or pressure being pressed against the pillowcase. Silk and satin are a smooth surface, but cotton and polyester are a rough surface and can snag and break hair. 

Cotton is too rough for delicate hair and skin

Cotton, no matter how seemingly soft, is fairly rough rubbing against your hair (and skin) all night. The weight of your head is effectively grinding your hair into the pillow, slowly pressing and rubbing hair against a rough surface. Split ends and hair cuticle damage result. You may even see split ends and breakage on the sleeping side of your hair. Polyester is better than cotton, but not by much.

Satin is less abrasive than cotton or polyester but still pulls precious moisture out of hair and skin.

How to choose a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases provide a smooth surface for hair that won’t damage the hair cuticle or suck out moisture. Mulberry silk is the best for hair health, but even affordable silk pillowcases won’t draw precious moisture out of hair.

Silk turbans keep hair in the best condition but do not protect delicate facial skin.

Summary of Why to Use A Silk Pillowcase

A Silk Pillowcase reduces hair breakage and moisture loss. 

Was Why Use a Silk Pillowcase useful? Another way for hair to retain moisture is Hyaluronic Acid: the Moisture Magnet





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