How to Use Castor Oil for Better Hair

Can Castor Oil Actually Grow Hair?

People swear by Castor Oil for growing long, strong hair. But research studies to date don’t show much evidence supporting Castor Oil causing actual hair growth. But don’t abandon Castor Oil just yet.

Castor Oil thickens thinning hair and acts as a humectant for frizzy hair. It makes unruly hair (including brittle gray hair) incredibly soft.

Castor Oil is also exceptionally useful for eyelash growth/conditioning.

How to Grow Longer Lashes and Better Eyebrows with Castor Oil

There are two ways I like to apply Castor Oil to my lashes.
Also good for conditioning eyebrows. Eyebrows do seem to grow in thicker and sparse spots fill in with daily castor oil use.

First, try applying Castor Oil to a cotton swab and blink your eyelashes over the tip to avoid getting it in your eyes.

The second way is I take a mascara spoolie (Amazon sells disposable ones pretty cheaply) and dip it in Castor Oil. Then I wipe most of it off and apply the remaining oil on the spoolie to my eyebrows first, then lightly comb the top and bottom sides of my lashes. A little goes a LONG way. Daily use makes for fuller eyebrows with filled in sparse spots, and the actual eyebrow hairs look thicker and more youthful.

You may choose to apply the castor oil several hours before bedtime to avoid getting puffy eyes from too much oil.

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