What is Dermaplaning?

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermatologists and Aestheticians have performed dermaplaning for years. They use a surgical scalpel to very gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells. This reveals smoother and brighter skin. It also removes peach fuzz. The lack of peach fuzz feels very smooth.

About DermaPlaning

The real benefit to dermaplaning is improved skin texture and a younger skin appearance. Dermaplaning also creates a smooth, even surface free of debris. This makes for better makeup application and skincare products can better absorb. 

Dermaplaning improves the effectiveness of your skincare routine

Skincare products can’t work their magic if dead skin cells obstruct their absorption. For example, Retinol causes excess irritation if it can’t properly absorb. Vitamin C serums must penetrate skin layers to build valuable, beauty enhancing collagen. Retinol and Vitamin C cause rapid cell turnover, requiring regular dead skin removal. 


Concealer, primer, and foundations need an even surface to adhere well and look their best. Powders, creams, and contour look blotchy over dry, dead skin cells.

Dermaplaning and ACNE PREVENTION

Dead skin cells are a harbor for bacteria, trap sebum and oil, making a perfect home for blemishes to develop. Therefore exfoliation is key to the reduction of acne.


In-office dermaplaning costs between $100 – $200 a session.

Some at home derma-planing devices exist, generally under $150



Dermaplaning improves the absorption of skincare products and removes dead skin. It is best done by a professional but some at home dermaplaning devices exist. 

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    Is dermaplaning better than getting a peel?

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