Do You Get Enough Reservatrol? Daily Reservatrol Needs

Reservatrol is a polyphenol that works as an antioxidant. It is known to be in red wine. But a glass of red wine is not enough to get meaningful reservatrol benefits. Read more about daily reservatrol needs and how you can get the full beauty and health benefits of Reservatrol.

What Foods Contain Reservatrol

Reservatrol is found in red wine but to a lesser degree compared to some foods. Reservatrol is found in:

  • grapes
  • peanuts
  • dark chocolate
  • mulberries
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • raspberries

Reservatrol is also available in supplement form.

Health Benefits of Reservatrol

As an anti-oxidant, it provides certain benefits. But the main benefit of Reservatrol is that it boosts sirtuins. Our body has sirtuins, but they slow down with age.

Sirtuins are important because they tell our cells to repair themselves.[1] In this way, reservatrol extends the life of cells. 

A boost in sirtuins can be very helpful for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. [2]

Reservatrol also can extend longevity in a manner that is similar to the benefits of caloric restriction.[3,4]

One study found life-prolonging benefits of Reservatrol supplementation included: 

  • increased insulin sensitivity
  • lower blood sugar
  • better mitochondrial energy production
  • improved motor function. [5]

Other studies show:

  • The potent antioxidant activity may be responsible for its  neuroprotective effects. [6,7]
  • Reservatrol combined with calcium was found more effective than calcium alone in building bone mass. [8]
  • In lab studies, Grape seed extract effectively inhibited the growth of human colorectal tumor cells. [9]

But just boosting sirtuins with the Reservatrol from red wine won’t keep them functioning. More is needed for maximum benefit. [10]

The Beauty Benefits

Topical Reservatrol is used in skincare products. It reverses aged cells to a younger, more active state. It has poor bioavailability [11] so it is most beneficial when paired with other topical actives.

Why Reservatrol Supplementation Is Necessary

Studies find that a glass of red wine contains 90mcg, or about 1/220th the Reservatrol necessary for basic cell restoration. [12]

Reservatrol Daily Dosage 

Research studies show optimal Reservatrol supplement dosage varies by type of health issue.

An issue is absorption is generally poor. Some experience stomach upset with higher levels of supplementation.  

For general cell maintenance, benefits are found at 20mg of Reservatrol a day (20,000 mcg). Some studies range up to 100mg daily taken for a 2-3 months interval for an extra boost.

Summary of Daily Reservatrol Needs

A glass of red wine is not enough reservatrol to maintain a healthy body. Supplementation is generally necessary along with reservatrol rich foods

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