How Amla Oil Fixes Damaged Hair

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a superfood that is useful in hair care, skin care and scalp health. Amla restores hair damage, addresses issues affecting hair growth and treats the scalp. This article discusses How to Use Amla Oil to Fix Damaged Hair, including hair damaged by hair dye.

What Is Amla

Amla Oil comes from the Amla fruit, which is known as the wonder fruit. It is also known as Indian Gooseberry.

It is a superfood. It is nutrient-dense and full of powerful antioxidants. Amla provides benefits to skin, hair and scalp.

Amla & Hair Care

High in Vitamin C, Amla Oil imparts strength and thickness to hair.

Ayurvedic practitioners believe Amla can penetrate into the root and hair shaft, encouraging hair growth and rejuvenation.  It leaves hair feeling beautiful, soft, and with outrageous shine.

Amla Repairs Hair Color Damage

A study shows Amla has another impressive ability: to reverse damage from hair coloring. Amla contains Gallic acid, a powerful phenolic compound which repairs chemical and environmental damage.[1]

How to Use Amla for Damaged Hair

An important feature of using Amla in hair care is to use enough of it to make a meaningful difference. Amla is available as fresh or dried amla fruit, Amla Oil, and Amla powder.

I like to use a reputable Amla Oil, or infuse oil with Amla powder. I chose food grade Amla powder to use on my hair just to ensure no extra chemicals or fillers.

Sesame oil is traditionally used with Amla Powder, but I also like coconut or Olive Oil. Most commercial Amla Oil preparations are made with Sesame Oil. I also like to mix a scoop of Amla powder with oil and warm water to make a paste.

Apply to dry hair and cover hair with a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes. I like to leave Amla in my hair for at least a couple of hours. Rinse hair well with cool water. It can take a while to rinse Amla out of the hair.

Amla has a distinct earthy aroma. Some essential oil can help cover this scent.

Amla pairs well with Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) for both hair and scalp.


Amla Oil contains Gallic acid which reverses damage from hair coloring. It is an excellent scalp treatment. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a superfood that is useful in hair care, skin care and scalp health.

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