What Is Dry Brushing?

This article explains What Is Dry Brushing and Why Dry Brush Body Skin as a regular part of your at home self care routine

What Is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is a centuries old form of Ayurvedic medicine.

The practice of dry brushing involves rubbing a brush with coarse, natural-fiber bristles over the skin of the body in a slow clockwise pattern.

The coarse bristles remove dead skin cells. Dry brushing may also help  eliminate toxins through the pores.

Why Dry Brush Body Skin

Dry brushing is a relaxing, easy form of self-care that gently exfoliates away dull, flaky, dry skin while improving blood circulation. It removes skin flakes and sebum plugs without irritating the skin. It also helps avoid ingrown hairs. And it leaves skin smooth and glowing!

Dry brushing before applying lotions, oils or creams aids in their absorption.

Dry brushing, as a form of gentle daily massage, may help break down the appearance of cellulite with a gentle skin plumping.

While there have been few medical studies to support dry brushing, it is a very relaxing form of self-care and can be part of your evening wind down routine before bed. Some find the practice invigorating, so you may prefer it in the morning.

Dry brushing is gentler on the skin than exfoliating or scrubbing skin in the shower or bath.

How to Dry Brush Body Skin

Dry brushing starts at your feet and working upwards.

Dry brushing requires a coarse, natural-fiber bristles brush. Gently rub it on your skin in slow, clockwise motions. No need to press hard or rub vigorously- just gentle smooth strokes always going in one direction.

Dry brushing areas such as your back is easier with a long-handled brush.

Dry brushing is not suitable over the face, throat, moles, warts, broken skin, cuts, burns, scrapes, lesions, sores, sunburns, cellulitis, infections or raised bumps.

Summary of What Is Dry Brushing

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