How to Use a Gua Sha Tool

Gemstone Rollers have become a staple in many beauty and self-care routines. Another effective beauty device is Gua Sha facial tools. Gua Sha tools stimulate the skin, improve lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow. This article explains what a Gua Sha tool is and How to Use a Gua Sha Tool.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient alternative remedy practice.  It is also known as kerokan.

In this traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice, a tool is used to scrape the skin, downwards against the muscles, along the path or line of acupuncture meridians, so as to produce light petechiae. The goal is to soothe aching and stiff muscles.

Gua Sha In Skincare

A modified form of Gua Sha should always be used for delicate facial, throat, and decolletage skin, as the traditional practice is too aggressive and can damage the skin, causing bruising or broken capillaries. This lighter form of Gua Sha is sometimes referred to as “tribo-effleurage”, meaning “to skim”.

Unlike traditional Gua Sha, Gua Sha for self-care is a light, sweeping massage.  For Gua Sha within skincare, the practice is modified with a much lighter touch of almost no pressure so that no visible redness occurs. The tool is glided across the skin with a lubricant, such as creams or oils so that no skin irritation or redness occurs.

Gua Sha, as performed for beauty and wellness, is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates skin renewal with lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow.

Lymphatic drainage reduces area congestion and puffiness caused by excess fluid known as interstitial fluid. Improved blood flow assists in collagen production.

Gua Sha is done with Gua Sha facial tools which are also sometimes called Gua Sha scrapers. Despite the name, Gua Sha scrapers do not scratch the skin. rather they provide light pressure to massage the skin surface. It is also called “jade scraping”.

What is a Gua Sha Tool?

Gua Sha facial tools are smooth, flat, and somewhat pebble-shaped. They are designed to improve circulation by gently scraping the skin surface, but without causing any skin abrasions. This can reduce puffiness and inflammation.

It is similar to treatment with a gemstone roller, but a Gua Sha tool more easily conforms to facial contours. This gives a superior result, especially on the nose and jawline.

Why Are They Made of Gemstones?

Gua Sha Facial tools are typically made out of copper or gemstones such as Jade or Rose Quartz. Some advantages of these natural materials include:

  • Both Jade and Rose Quartz flush toxins via lymphatic drainage.
  • Gua Sha facial scrapers are more hygienic than using fingers for skin product application.
  • These materials do not absorb skincare products during treatment, so there is no waste.
  • Gemstone tools are very easy to clean
  • Gemstone tools are long-lasting and durable.
  • These materials can hold heat or cold to enhance the treatment.

How Do I Use a Gua Sha Tool?

Gently with feather-like strokes. The best results come from gliding the gua sha tool lightly on the skin with smooth, even strokes. Move the Gua Sha tool lightly, always in the same direction, preferably upwards towards the hairline, and do not pull or tug. Focus on the jawline and cheekbones for best results.

Never drag the skin downwards. Using enough cream or oil helps to not drag or skip the tool on the skin.

Tips for Best Use

  • Glide, do not press into the skin.
  • Try to glide as slowly as possible to not drag the skin
  • Place the gua sha tool in the refrigerator to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Place it in a cup of warm water to help serums and oils best penetrate.
  • Use a gemstone gua sha before retiring to help enable restful sleep.
  • Warm your favorite oil such as jojoba, squalene, rosehip, rice bran, or grapeseed oil before application, and gently glide a gemstone gua sha tool in upward strokes to promote blood flow.

Summary of How to Use a Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha is excellent for self-care. Gua Sha facial tools stimulate the skin, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage. A modified form of Gua Sha should always be used for delicate facial, throat, and decolletage skin, as the traditional practice is too aggressive and can damage the skin. Always GLIDE, never scrape or drag the skin. Always use your Gua Sha tool with creams or oils.

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